We pay our staff

For every shift or session you host, and for every session you train or oversee, you will earn Roblox funds that go towards your balance and is paid out trimonthly.

Togetherness and inclusivity

At Blend, our staff team is unlike no other. We are happy to say that our staff members rarely report feeling left out, and bond happily with one another.

Vigorous training

Our staff team is trained to handle every situation that may arise, and handles situations delicately and efficiently under tight time constraints. Have a question? They're there to help you!

An experience to look forward to

Blend hosts collaborative events with our alliances, and sometimes even minigames! Join a community that is active, fun, and ready to run. 

How do I become an Intern?


Apply for Trainee

Simply apply for Trainee at our Application Centre! Make sure to include grammar and provide sufficient detail to pass!


Earn Senior Barista

After receiving Trainee, you must work your way up to Senior Barista by attending trainings and earning points.


Get Recommended

5 days after receiving Senior Barista, you're able to be recommended by an Operations Management+. Good luck!

What our staff have to say?

Blend is honestly one of the best cafe’s I have worked at on ROBLOX before. The way Blend operates and thrives is so different from many other cafe’s. Everyone is always welcomed and you have countless opportunities at Blend and there are also so many things to do here. The Chairman, Floatinum, is extremely dedicated and helpful to every single staff member and customer in the community. At Blend, you can make friends, socialize, and ask for help! Blend is overall such an amazing community and is always welcoming new individuals!



Administrative Assistant

I started my journey at Blend on 9/11/2020. While I was working my way up ranks I've met so many kind people, (basically the whole MR and HR team). I've also made a few friends who have helped me out a lot on my adventure here at Blend. I absolutely love my experience here at Blend, and I'm extremely thankful to be here.



Administrative Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

You can achieve points as an LR by restocking stations, mopping spills, and completing orders. Customers can rate your performance from one to three stars which allow you to earn additional points. Furthermore, we provide stackable point multipliers which are purchased in-game and assist you in ranking up quicker.

At Blend, we work hard to maintain a professional environment for our customers and visitors. Therefore, our LRs must adhere to the Public Dress Code at all times while at our facilities. Failure to do so will result in being asked to change and refusal to change will lead to further consequences.

Trainees must attend a Trainee Training at our Training Centre in order to become a Junior Barista. To rank up to Barista, you must gain 200 points in-game. Once you are a Barista, you are now permitted to attend a Barista Seminar at the Barista Portal which will rank you up to Senior Barista.

To become an Intern, you must be recommended by an Operations Management+ or wait for public applications to be released. If you'd like to be notified of when sessions are taking place, you may do !notifications in our Discord server.

We understand that having a different timezone may be inconvenient for you, which is why Blend offers a flexible session schedule and the ability to request for a private session. If you would like to do this, please talk to one of our staff members in-game or join our Discord and create a ticket.

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